Build a successful online English language teaching business

Are you a native or fluent English speaker? Consider becoming an online English teacher. Teach anywhere in the world, set your own prices, be your own boss, supplement an established income or make it a full-time career.

Become an Online English Teacher is a unique and valuable ebook designed to help teachers set up, promote and manage their own online/Skype-based English tutoring service, as well as support those who are currently teaching online.

Published by Pavilion Publishing and Media (2015), this book is currently the only online English teaching guide by a credible ELT publishing house.

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What You'll Learn

Become an Online English Teacher offers new and experienced online teachers a fantastic range of practical information including:

Set up
How to set up an effective online profile, website or blog using professional, user-friendly and free open-source tools
How to promote your service using proven marketing strategies and build credibility, allowing you to charge higher rates and boost your profitability
How to deliver effective lessons using available resources, free tools and methodologies suitable for online one-to-one teaching.
How to accept online payments, schedule lessons across different time zones, create invoices and keep records.

Overview of the book

Become an Online English Teacher is divided into eight concise sections and is packed with valuable information to help you set up, promote, deliver and manage your online tutoring business. Click on each image to see an extract from the chapter.



This section examines the recent growth in online teaching as well as the benefits and drawbacks for teachers intending to tutor online.

Chapter One

Tools of the Trade

This chapter presents the devices and applications that will enable you to run a smooth service and make the most efficient use of your time.

Chapter Two

Finding students

A challenging area for new teachers is how to attract prospective clients. This chapter looks at where to find students on the internet.

Chapter Three

Building a blog

For teachers who want to build an independent reputation online, this chapter explains how to set up a website and blog using available free tools.

Chapter 4

Promoting a blog

This chapter looks at specific online tactics for promoting your blog, including search engine optimisation, social media and email marketing.

Chapter 5

Establishing a Workflow

This chapter looks at different workflows that will help you organise your time better, convey professionalism and gain more clients.

Chapter Six

Getting paid

This chapter covers payment processing and different methods of billing students as well as important legal and accounting issues.

Chapter Seven

Ideas and resources

This chapter looks at the methodology of teaching online, including suggested activities and where to find suitable ESL/EFL resources .

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About The Author

Nestor Kiourtzidis graduated from University College London with a Bachelor degree in Italian and Business Studies. He is the co-founder of the popular EFL/ESL website and is involved in creating lesson resources, designing the website's blended learning system as well as developing the company's marketing and business strategies. He is also a self-taught web enthusiast with over five years' experience as a freelance online EFL teacher. During this time, he built and promoted a WordPress blog for his tuition service and developed his own online teaching aids. He has a passion for innovation in language learning and in particular enhancing traditional face-to-face learning with modern internet technology.

N. Kiourtizidis

The Contributors

A number of other experienced ESL/EFL professionals have contributed to the development of this book.

Penny Hands (ELT development editor)

Penny Hands is an ELT editor and materials writer whose main interests lie in innovative teacher resources, vocabulary and grammar materials and the use of digital media in the classroom. She has taught English in France and the UK and, as a freelance editor and author, works regularly with major ELT publishers and authors including OUP, Pearson, Macmillan, CUP, Cambridge Assessment, Pavilion, Scott Thornbury, Lindsay Clandfield, John Hughes.

Pavilion Publishing and Media

Pavilion Publishing and Media is a UK-based leading provider of professional development books including English language teaching publications.

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